• This rare breed pig's name is Gavin, and he and his mate (Stacey, of course!) were lovely creatures, and seemed to enjoy me scratching their backs.
    UPDATE: Andrew informs me that they are Mangalitzas, a breed were described on Have 'I Got News for You' as "a cross between a pig and a High Court Judge!
  • A lovely area for these turkeys to free range
  • We keep chickens here ourselves at Celerity, although our garden isn't quite as big as Woodlands Farm...
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One of our newest clients is Woodlands Organic Farm.  We've been a big fan of Woodlands for quite a few years now, as they deliver us wonderful vegetables every two weeks.  So when the owner, Andrew Dennis, approached us to ask us to take over the technical admin of their website we were only too happy.

As part of the familiarisation of their business operations, I was invited to visit the farm for a tour.  Woodlands pack and deliver a large number of produce boxes most days of the week, and all orders are managed via their website.  Customers have a wealth of options to choose from when customising their orders, and can specify particular items they don't like etc. which the packing teams need to be aware of.  The server generates all the shipping lists and more, so it is essential that everything runs smoothly.

The code behind the site is therefore by necessity quite complex, but I have to give full credit to the original developer as it is all very nicely designed.

Since we have taken over, our team has implemented several new features, and we look forwards to working on ongoing improvements.

Check out all the activities at Woodlands by visiting their site now:  www.woodlandsfarm.co.uk

I of course took my camera along to Woodlands, and you can see a few snaps by hovering over the image above.

Written by Celerity Design, on May 21, 2010

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