Anti-Spam Email Encoder

This free utility for webpage designers allows an e-mail address to be protected as a clickable, spam obfuscated link for publication on a webpage.

This method provides a defence against basic "spam harvesters" that scour the web looking for e-mail addresses to add to spam lists.
The method is not foolproof, but provides a balance between usability (we want to allow our visitors to click an e-mail link) and security (we don't want to be added to lots of spam lists).

Alternatives to encoding an e-mail address include:

  • Printing the address as a graphic - this doesn't help people who browse without images, and doesn't protect against spambots if the link is clickable.
  • Printing the address as myname AT mycompany DOT com - this isn't a bad method, especially if you use variations, but it can be confusing to your visitors, and isn't clickable.
  • Using an online webmail form - this hides your e-mail address completely. It requires a server-side form to be installed though, and your vistors will not know your e-mail address either. Some people dislike using webmail contact forms.


We recommend you encode any e-mail addresses you publish on your site, and use a webmail form for addresses you require to be 100% protected from spammers.

Privacy Notice: We've published this utility as a public service and it is what we use to protect addresses ourselves. We are absolutely not interested in collecting e-mail addresses from people who use this form. We hate spam ourselves, that's why we coded it in the first place!