A few nice web things I've found during February:

  • PicLens - an impressive browser add-on that lets you browse web images using a fullscreen 3D "wall".  It only takes a few seconds to download and install on Firefox so the easiest way to see if it's for you is to try it out.  Personally, it remains to be seen how much I'll use this once the novelty value has worn off.  However, as a web designer, it is vital to be aware that visitors may be viewing my sites using 3rd party tools such as this.
  • Fontifier - a web service that allows you to upload samples of your handwriting and it will create a truetype font based on it for you to download.  I can see this being a very popular service, and they are only charging $9 which to me is very reasonable - I hope they do very well!  If I find the time to scan my own handwriting I'll give it a try and upload the results.
  • Google Reader - this service isn't new, but I've recently found out a way of using it to format sites I read for a mobile device. For example, here is the Celerity Blog formatted nicely for a mobile device.   To use Google Reader like this you don't need to sign up for an account, you just need to bookmark a site's RSS feed in the same way as the blog link above.  Browsing sites in this way is obviously much faster and cheaper if you pay for web use on your mobile phone.  The only drawback is that currently your feed will only get updated every few hours.


Written by Celerity Design, on February 29, 2008

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