Celerity offer the same services many companies charge thousands of pounds a year for at a fraction of the price.
We can take your business and start you selling online, assisting you at every step of the way, from choosing a domain name if necessary, to advising on accepting online payments and stock management.
Once we have installed your site, you will be able to change prices, add new items, print off shipping slips and everything else you need to do, all via your web browser, with very little computer experience needed.

A typical e-commerce site would need:

  • A dedicated domain name
  • A fast, user-friendly shopping cart engine that is easy to maintain
  • A secure credit card certificate for accepting credit card orders

E-Commerce on a budget

Smaller traders do not necessarily need a full shopping cart.  We have some clients selling extremely successsfully via "Buy it now" buttons.  This solution has the advantage of low setup fees, and is perfect for shops with a limited inventory of items.
We can advise on the best way to set up such an operation.

If you simply require a "normal" online shop, we would recommend an existing free (or extremely cheap) e-commerce system, and just charge for the installation, hosting and technical support.

Bespoke systems

If you have additional requirements that an off-the-shelf e-commerce package is unlikely to meet, we can code a custom solution for your company, typically by extending an existing open source codebase to your specifications.

Specific E-commerce Systems

Sometimes there are business reasons why you need to use a specific system. In this case, Celerity are experienced at liaising with the providing company, working with their SDK and implementing your solution. We will handle all the technical communications, freeing you to focus on what you actually need from the system in real-world terms.

How much experience do Celerity Design have in e-commerce?

We have been building successful online shops since 1998.  We currently have built and provide technical maintenance for the official European / UK shops for artists such as Annie Lennox, Coldplay, The Kings of Leon, Kylie, Madonna, AC/DC, Simple Minds, The Feeling, The Kooks, The View and many more.