Celerity has recently finished a successful project for a series of secure websites designed to give patients information about a particular drug targeted at severe forms of arthritis.

Due to strict European laws, these sites needed to only be accessible to patients of the drug, via a "lot number" printed on their medication.

In addition, Health Care Professionals also had secure logins to the site, allowing more functionality, such as printing patient forms and ordering printed materials.

The project was a large one, involving teams of skilled developers, content managers, designers and managers.

We initially joined to provide assistance with building the site from scratch using the EPiServer platform.  As the project matured and sites went live, the teams grew smaller and we were retained to liaise with the end clients in various countries, and code their new requirements.

Towards the end of the project Celerity were the technical lead, providing support, maintenance and code amends for Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

In total, we worked on these websites for nearly two years, and would like to thank the many friends we made along the way.


Pharmaceutical (arthritis) website screenshot

Written by Celerity Design, on August 20, 2009

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