Web Programming, Consultancy and Design

Celerity Design Ltd have been helping clients achieve what they need on the web since 1997.

We manage websites, online orders and e-mail accounts for companies and entrepreneurs alike, and have carried out programming contracts for names such as Duracell, 3M, Ernst & Young, Kraft Foods, Mazda, Citroën, Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever and The Design Council, not to mention artists such as Coldplay, Madonna, The Who and many more.

Sites we have designed have been featured in Entertainment Weekly magazine and MSNBC.com.

We specialise in dynamic, database driven websites to provide e-commerce, content management, interactive customer forms, integration with 3rd party web service interfaces, custom viral apps on social networking sites such as Facebook and more. Please see our portfolio for live examples of our work.

We choose technology based on our clients' needs, whether it be MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, C# or VB.Net.

Our servers are corporate grade, to handle the millions of page views they service each month.

We are confident that we can assist you by creating effective web content, so please get in touch for expert advice.