We have just completed work on a large site build for a global pharmaceutical company.

The site was for their annual report and the deadline was fixed for legal reasons, adding extra pressure for all the teams involved.

Celerity provided three components to the build:


The site consisted of ten templates with variations, as well as various bits of bespoke Javascript and scripting to ensure the correct corporate font was used for headings etc.
We completed all templates within the time allotted - important as they were immediately shipped to the next team for...

Content Population

The site had to be populated largely manually - we could not pull content from a database or other source.  Celerity headed one of several content entry teams to painstakingly enter data into the correct templates and custom page components.  All internal and external links had to be checked, and the data was often being changed at the same time, meaning organisational management was critical.  We used SVN to sync amends between the different teams.

Dynamic PDF Creation

A PDF version of the site also had to be shipped at the same time, which matched the look and feel of the site but dispensed with the non-essential web page components such as the navigation menus etc.  Celerity coded a dynamic script which could be run at any time to generate all pages or sub-sections of the site, using the latest content.  The end result was a highly professional print-ready document, completely branded according to the client's wishes.

Written by Celerity Design, on March 31, 2011

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