We are often asked to provide Facebook applications, especially ones which run in Fan Page tabs.  We usually build prototypes first, which are published on the Celerity Facebook page.  Here are our latest two:

Competition / Form Submission

Facebook form application

This is quite a common requirement nowadays, and the prototype shows how data can be captured within the tab, to be written to a database etc.

Tumblr Feed

Facebook Tumblr Feed

I must admit, I haven't really been following the Tumblr phenomenon, but their XML feeds proved reasonably easy to parse and display on a Facebook page.  One thing I couldn't get working in the limited time available was to display videos within the tab. I can't imagine that is too difficult though.

Tumblr as a service looks like a very effective way of blogging to the masses.  One thing that seemed to be missing in its functionality though was to pull in data from other sources.  For example, if I could easily export this blog to it, then I'd probably set up a Celerity Tumblr feed. However, as it doesn't look as if this is easily possible I'm unlikely to use their service as a publisher.


Click any of the screenshots above to view the apps running in a tab.

Written by Celerity Design, on July 31, 2010

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