Adam's MiiThe Nintendo Wii is a fantastically conceived bit of kit, and Nintendo are rightly enjoying success, selling every unit they can churn out from their factories.

However, I can't help but feel they haven't exploited the viral marketing potential of their "Mii" characters.  For a start, you need to hack around with bluetooth adapters in order to get a digital copy of a Mii onto your computer, and even then you only get the face, not the body. Mine is over on the right for example. Quite why Nintendo didn't put the option in to just copy an image of the Mii to the Photos channel / SD card I really cannot fathom.  Most Wii users would love that feature!

In a similar vein, some games render the Miis beautifully, playing golf, hurling a javelin etc. Nintendo should have put an option in the OS to "save screenshot" whenever you press the "home" button.  This would have led to millions of e-mailed "action shot" photos flying across the planet, generating untold amounts of free and effective advertising.

Hopefully the above ideas will be implemented in future versions of the firmware.  Mind you, when they're already selling every Wii they can make, they don't really need to try too hard...


Written by Celerity Design, on February 07, 2008

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