The quality of video from a compact camera or even some camera phones is really not bad nowadays.

However, a common problem is that the person shooting the video rotates the camera to shoot in "portrait" mode. Unfortunately this means that when played back on a PC or DVD player, the video is shown on its side.

There are plenty of commercial products that will remedy this, but I use a free utility called Virtual Dub.

To rotate AVI video files in VirtualDub:

  • Open your source video
  • Click "Video->Filters" in the menu
  • Click "Add" and select "Rotate"
  • Choose whether you want the video rotated left or right (it will show you a preview if you're unsure!)
  • Click "Save as AVI" (choose a different location or filename as it won't let you overwrite the original file)
VirtualDub is currently hosted on Sourceforge, download links available from the VirtualDub website.
Written by Celerity Design, on February 20, 2008

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