We have been coding web applications for over a decade and can use this experience to upgrade or repair your systems, or advise you on how your business workflow can best be helped by the web.

Web Application Upgrades

We are often asked to perform upgrades of existing proprietary or open source systems.  A typical example would be a company CMS (content management system).  This type of complex application is usually extremely important to a business, but it is all too easy to leave it as it is for year after year, especially if it appears to "do the job".  The problem with this is that newer versions not only add improved features, but almost always fix security holes.  So, by not upgrading, companies risk falling foul of bugs and even of being hacked.  Also, the longer the period between upgrades, the harder it can be to migrate to the new version.  Without expert help therefore, in the future the company may have to redo their entire site on a completely different system.
In cases like these, Celerity can backup your data and carefully perform the upgrade, minimising the downtime of your systems.  We will also be on hand to advise you of the new features and perform training and support if required.

Security Audits

Any networked system is vulnerable and unfortunately hackers and virus writers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods.
For example, we have been to a client site and discovered malicious code that had been inserted into the core company database, ready to be used to attack other sites from their main server.
This kind of nightmare scenario is designed to go unnoticed unless an experienced administrator is performing an audit.

We can advise you on precautionary "best practise" measures to train your staff and secure your data.
In addition, with your permission we can use white hat testing on your web systems to report on your current vulnerabilities.

Database Administration

If your databases are critical for your business, please contact us for data recovery and repairs.
In some cases we may be able to analyse your queries and improve perfomance by careful optimisation.
We can also advise you on backup strategies, to safeguard your data.

Web Application Support

Unless you have an in-house expert, it is likely that you may occasionally need help for problems outside of the day-to-day running of your systems.
We can assist on a wide variety of systems, and often do so remotely, avoiding the need for a call out charge.
As we charge by the hour, this is an extremely economical way of obtaining professional IT support.

Example companies Celerity Design have provided consultancy for: